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A proper racing position. The racing PC gamer's size doesn't matter

As a matter of fact, it's OpenWheeler's chassis which represents the cardinal part of this most wonderful race seat. You'll discover its design is both plain, functional, presenting gamers with flexibility and the aforementioned stability to play with any video racing simulation game wheel or any other game controller. As far as adjustment and position are concerned, OpenWheeler is perfectly light to handle, being constructed with the lightest components conceivable. And, to be sincere, it can't be fabricated much lighter than this, and still boast the same stability specs. You'll see that regulating the optimum driving position is a piece of cake, being both simple and intuitional, to the extent that the gamer's body proportions or age are not important either. It turns into the ultimate home driving seat once it's fixed to the racer's most preferred angle - and we're talking simulator here - creating sheer accord between racer and race.

A solid, reliable and delightful car racing simulator seat

It's just phenomenal the manner in which this excellent work of engineering has been tailored and manufactured. The actual line is ideal with nothing being too much, and with everything being just where it has to be, while at the same time remaining so firm and durable. And the steel work is smooth and stable too, with every juncture made with excellence, and, if you just take a glance at the chassis, you'll soon comprehend the huge effort and the deep enthusiasm which have gone into the creation of this impressive work of technical achievement which will leave you speechless! The paintwork complete with a subtle powder polish echoes an airplane design rather than a most durable device for home entertainment. It really looks as though it's unnecessarily sturdy and accurate - joking apart!